7 Sexiest Underwear Brand Youtube Channels

Commercials and promos in general are seldom sexy. But here at The Underwear Expert, we deal exclusively in the sexy, and with that comes some deliciously fun and flirty videos from some of our favorite underwear brands. In a perfect world, these commercials would fill the gaps between every TV show. But instead, they are on your computer. So let them fill the gaps in your day for a little pick me up. This is our list of the 7 best Youtube channels hosted by underwear brands.

7. Nasty Pig

Nasty Pig’s Youtube channel is full of their urban energy, and none of their videos is as popular as the iamNASTYPIG lookbook from last year. The video is awesome and has a bit of a story too it. Not to mention, it features a slew of the brand’s models, each of them a total stud.

6. Gregg Homme

If this doesn’t make you blush, then… well you must not be attracted to men. The guy in this Gregg Homme video is super sexy, and a little bit dirty. This video is exactly what you’d image a night wearing Gregg Homme to be like. Well, almost.

5. C-IN2

Wanna wrestle? This new video from C-IN2 is pretty hardcore, and not at all homoerotic. Clearly we are kidding, because this roll of eye candy is a minute of skins vs skins, a game where everyone is a winner.

4. 2(X)IST

2(X)IST’s Youtube channel is unique in that they bring us a lot of behind-the-scenes looks at their runway shows, and thus, at their models. This one in particular is a gem. Because never would we ever have guessed we’d see underwear models singing bad karaoke.

3. PUMP!

Of course PUMP!’s Youtube channel is so sexy you’d probably only watch in the privacy of your home. Their SuperSet vid is all about the brand’s athleticism. And, of my God, who knww it was so damn sexy? That’s right, we all did. And now there is no doubt.

2. AussieBum

AussieBum has been on their A-game when it comes to uploading promotional videos to their YouTube channel. If you haven’t been watching, this summer we saw a lot of skin splashing in the ocean. Their videos are also some of the more creative ads we’ve ever seen for men’s underwear.

1. Andrew Christian

Don’t act like you didn’t see this coming. Andrew Christian is simply the best when it comes to video promotion for their lines of underwear. Their models are recognizable, some of them could arguably be called ‘sex symbols.’ But the best thing about Andrew Christian’s Youtube channel is how much fun their models have. This video here is the latest, and looks like one hell of a fun party. It might also convince you to quit your day job to deliver pizza.

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, AussieBum, C-IN2, Gregg Homme, Nasty Pig, PUMP!, 2(X)IST

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Video Credit: Youtube