More About Obviously Underwear

Obviously Underwear offers a unique range of men’s underwear that provides obvious comfort and creative design. Based in Australia, Obviously Underwear for Men was established in March 2007.

The mission of Obviously Underwear for Men is to improve upon what was currently available in the men’s underwear market. The brand’s philosophy led the company down a path of examining every annoying detail about men’s underwear and working through a solution that would improve the underwear experience for everyone.

One of the brand’s results is the anatomically designed Obviously for Men Underwear range. The U-shaped seam that forms the base of the pouch is designed to sit directly behind your package and up against your body. This ensures a snug fit and provides the separation necessary to eliminate all the discomfort of regular underwear. The Obviously for Men Underwear design also allows your genitals to hang downwards and move freely.

For the majority of its garments, the Obviously Underwear range uses modal fabric, which is made from sustainable beech tree plantations using a 100% natural and chemical free process. The Obviously Underwear range promotes environmentally friendly textile practices. The Obviously for Men underwear range provides a number of significant benefits such as the prevention of sticking, squashing, readjusting or chafing. Additionally, the brand’s water absorbent fibers will keep you cool and dry.

Other garment features that make the Obviously range of underwear so comfortable include: seamless backs so they don’t ride up or fall down, additional material in the seat to eliminate “plumbers” crack, an elastic waistband that has a soft internal lining so it doesn’t irritate your skin and no annoying labels that would dig into your back. All labels are heat pressed on to the material for maximum comfort. Only the softest threads are used for our seams to eliminate any rubbing, particularly on the pouch seam.