Juan Salazar Shows Off His Joe Snyder Maxibulge


The photo shoot featuring Juan Salazar in the Joe Snyder Maxibulge Collection is practically 3D – no goggles necessary. The Maxibulge Collection’s five underwear styles are designed with enhancing pouches. Cupping your junk, they lift you up and out. It’s like Juan Salazar’s bulge is coming right at you. The skimpy man lingerie provides Juan with a bold silhouette and an even bolder style, one sure to give his SO a view they may not have been expecting.

Juan Salazar wears all five styles in the collection. Photographed by Anibal Velasquez, every shot highlights his bulge or his bum. Every style in the collection teases a little bit of booty. The most full coverage is the Maxibulge Cheek Boxer. Juan wears the look in white lace – a sexy look for warmer weather (and especially nice on his tanned skin).

Other stylish color options in the collection include navy and wine. More adult and fashionable than blue and red, they give the revealing pairs of underwear a touch of sophistication. If cute is more your thing, look to the nearly lavender shade of purple or turquoise. There is even a pink shade for those guys who love a fashion-forward look.

Which underwear style do you think really pushes Juan’s bulge to the max? Which cut can you imagine yourself wearing? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Joe Snyder

Photo Credit: Anibal Velasquez

Model: Juan Salazar

Location: Venezuela

Sponsored by Joe Snyder