The Marek + Richard Prep Long Johns That Will Make You Want To Never Leave Your Dorm

Marek + Richard Prep Long Johns

 Item Reviewed: Marek + Richard Prep Long Johns – Navy

About The Product: The Marek + Richard Prep Long John is New England prep school-inspired with its heritage plaid placket at the fly and two buttons, making this Long John collection one to rock in the dorms. They are made from a 92% cotton and 8% spandex fabric blend in classic school colors including Navy, Burgundy, Brown, and Grey, and have contrasting grey material on the waistband, seams, and leg cuffs. Look and feel smart while wearing them for their contoured anatomically designed pouch, slimming waistband, calf-length inseam and slim, but supportive fit. These Long Johns get an A+.

What We Like: The color is cool and classic and can be worn in many situations. Whether alone while kicking back and procrastinating from work, to under pants as an extra layer of protection, to under shorts while off to the gym, they did their job in the many situations we put them through. That Polar Vortex that hit the U.S…. yeah, we wore them for three days straight, so we like them. The slim fit made us feel protected from the cold and it didn’t hurt that they made our legs look amazing!

What We Didn’t Like: The one and only thing we didn’t enjoy about the Long Johns was the length. They are cut at the calves, which means they’re shorter than most Long Johns, which wasn’t a problem at first, until we woke up the next morning and the legs were all the way up to our knees. It obviously didn’t bother us during our slumber, but the next morning was a struggle to pull them back down to the proper place. Wearing them so much, we think our thick calves and legs may have stretched out the bottom part, making them slide up easier.

Who We’d Recommend Them To: Ivy Leaguers, Frat Boys, and Liberal Arts teachers who regularly cancel class.

When We’d Wear Them: To bed, to class, and back to bed again.

Describe These Underwear In Three Words: Slimming, Snug, Scholastic.


Style: Long John
Pouch: Contoured anatomically designed pouch
Rise: Regular
Coverage: Full and then some
Fit: Very snug and comfortable
Waistband: Extra soft stretch and smoothing elastic waistband
Fabric: 92% cotton and 8% spandex
Retail: $40.50
Collection Colors: Navy, Burgundy, Brown, Grey
Collection Tops: Prep Tank
Collection Bottoms: Long Johns, Brief, Trunk and Jockstrap
Collection Sizes: XS-XL
Made In: Dallas, Texas

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Photo Credit: Marek + Richard

Product Supplied by Marek + Richard