Mack Weldon’s Smart Underwear

Mack Weldon is a new brand that fuses old-school quality and modern-day technology to bring you an ultra-premium product. The brand is based on the belief that there simply has to be a better way to produce and purchase underwear. “The experience of buying underwear—from the pilgrimage to the department store, to the endless sea of ever-changing product—had to be fixed. A tattered mess of underwear and socks, and an ambitious goal to change the status quo, is why we created this brand,” according to the company.

Founder and CEO Brian Berger got the idea for the Mack Weldon way while working a Silicon Valley job for Comcast. While contemplating a career change, he thought about things in his life that constantly unsatisfied him. The idea for the brand was born when he found troubles with shopping for underwear at the top of his list–he knew other guys must feel the same.

Berger soon teamed up with co-founder Michael Isaacman, who had previously worked with brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Rocawear and it was when the two discovered “Weldon, an early 20th century undergarment and sleepwear company that stood for innovation in both marketing and product design,” that things really got going. The former Weldon was similar to the brand they were about to create, so they embraced the name, flipped it a bit and made it their own.

Weak elastic, uncomfortably placed seams, and an overall bad fit were just a few of the things Berger and Isaacman identified as problems in men’s underwear. Seeking to innovate and tackle those weaknesses, they brought in a team of apparel consultants, formerly of Nike and Adidas, and, working with a talented fit model named John, designed a line of men’s basics that promise exceptional comfort, mobility, moisture and odor management. Each product in their range was born from high-tech tweaking of traditional product designs. For example, in their underwear, they incorporated soft elastic in the waistbands and legs that don’t squeeze and placed mesh panels–aptly called “cool zones”–in areas of high sweat.

Equally as impressive as the design of Mack Weldon’s products is the shopping experience they devised. Ordering from Mack Weldon is more than just convenient, it pretty much takes all the work out of shopping. Guys can arrange auto-replenishment shipments as often as they like, and the company even offers volume-based pricing to save your hard-earned dough.

Mack Weldon’s offerings currently include a trunk, boxer brief, undershirts and t-shirts, both of which are available in crew neck and v-neck versions. A brief and line of socks will be released in the near future. All of the Mack Weldon products are made from Mack Weldon’s signature fabric: a blend of cotton, Lycra and Lenzing Modal, a natural fiber that’s silky soft to the touch and anti-microbial. Mack Weldon underwear runs $19.50-$24; t-shirts are $22-$32.

For more information about this brand: Mack Weldon