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Marco Marco Underwear

Designs That are Beyond Bland and Beyond Boring

The Marco Marco brand is as creative and unconventional as its founder, Marco Morante. Morante, who has been making a name for himself in Los Angeles’ costume and fashion scene since the 1990s, is renowned for his sense of style, theatricality and boldness. Knowing exactly who’s behind the brand, it’s no surprise that Marco Marco underwear has that same sense of fabulous personality.

Marco Marco underwear is as fun and exciting as it is inventive. Each collection has its own identity — influenced by Morante’s unique approach to men’s underwear design. Whether it’s a brief that reimagines a famous nautical aesthetic, or a fashionable thong that’s both masculine and glamorous — each item is an inventive twist on underwear fashion. One that takes contemporary men’s underwear to places it’s never been before.

But while designed to look amazing, Marco Marco underwear is still intended to be worn and loved. Using high quality materials, such as heathered jersey fabrics to provide a soft-hand feel that’ll keep you dry and supported, Marco Marco sits at a new frontier — high quality underwear designed to not only feel great, but for the guy who’s unafraid to make a statement.