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Cellblock 13 Underwear

Where masculine meets fashionable to create underwear for the Modern Man

Cellblock 13 is known for athletic underwear that’s been designed to define a guy’s body. Centered at the point of where masculine, performative and fashionable underwear all meet, Cellblock 13 is a brand that offers it all in one pair. This is perfect for the kind of guy who wants maximum support and comfort, while at the same time, still looking modern.

Created in 2012 by underwear label Timoteo as a way for the brand to explore a new direction, Cellblock 13 underwear is incredibly masculine in its designs. The use of strong colors and definitive textures create a look that’s big and bold – creating a powerful stance in a way that’s not obnoxious or in your face. The use of a thick waistband (and in the jockstraps’ case, thick straps) in every single pair provides a secure fit without any folding over or discomfort, meaning Cellblock 13’s underwear offers as much purpose as it does style.

If you’re looking for something that has the right amount of athletic and bold designs that help define your physique, Cellblock 13 is a great choice that we vigorously recommend.