Underwear Expert is proudly LGBTQ+ owned and operated, 365 days a yearOur mission has been a simple one since the jump: style and comfort for everyone, and not only cis men! Looking for a brief you can comfortably pack in? We've got 'em. Want men's briefs that make you look and feel like your most studly self? We've got those, too. It's often said, but our goal is to provide everyone with that "best pair" feeling, and people across our LGBTQ+ spectrum enjoy more masculine-looking underwear!

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As Michael introduced his blog to the world, it held a foundation of inclusivity that any voice could not only read it, but they could also take something away from it. The LGBTQ+ owned blog dives into topics that are both informational and thought-provoking. The blog pushes for a deeper discussion to be had. A discussion that can lead to a more open community and society.

Recognized by LGBTQ+ Businesses

After creating Underwear Expert in 2011, Michael made it his mission to build an inclusive brand that brought everyone together regardless of sexual orientation. In recognition of that ongoing support toward the LGBTQ+ community, Underwear Expert is a certified minority-owned business by the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). The NGLCC is the only national not-for-profit advocacy organization. An organization dedicated to expanding the economic opportunities and advancements of LGBT businesses. They recognize the drive and impact the LGBT community holds on the American economy. And they seek to showcase LGBTQ+ businesses and uplift them. 


LGBTQ+ owned, LGBT, gay pride, gay owned, Underwear Expert, expert advice

Supporting the Community

Giving back to the LGBTQ+ community is close to the heart and soul of Underwear Expert. We strive to support our community in every way we can, and that includes making regular donations to charities and centers that are doing the work and uplifting LGBTQ+ people year-round. In Los Angeles, Underwear Expert has worked closely with the Los Angeles LBGT Center: not only donating underwear, but also investing time into building relationships with the people there. In New York City, our push to help strengthen our community where it needs the most assistance includes donations to other charities too.

Apart from charitable giving, Underwear Expert also strives to support queer models and other creatives within and around the company. Most of the models seen in our campaigns or on our website are queer-identifying themselves, which is rarer than you might think, even among queer-owned businesses! In more and more facets, we strive to support the community that gives so very much back to us every day.