Gift The Club

Backround with two boxes
Subscription box with underwear

How It Works

They’ll get a curated box of underwear for up to 12 months.

  • 1. Choose subscription length and number of pairs.
  • 2. Provide email address of gift recipient.
  • 3. Gift recipient customizes their own subscription.
  • 4. You’ve sent the perfect gift.

The Men’s Underwear Gift Box, Perfect For Any Guy

Trying to find the perfect gift for a guy can be as awful as a pair of ill-fitting undies. Why not send a men's underwear gift box filled with custom selections – courtesy of Underwear Expert.

Our men's underwear gift subscription is easy to set up. Just like how our Men's Underwear of the Month Club sends curated comfort right to your doorstep, our underwear gift subscription lets you gift that “best pair” feeling. Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary or a “just because” present, the men's underwear gift box is great for any guy — sending him premium underwear for up to six months!

First, choose how long you want the subscription to last, and how many pairs you want to give. Then, we’ll ask for the lucky guy’s email (so we can let him know a special gift is on the way, you choose the date of this, too.)

Now, men's underwear is a pretty personal thing, and every guy has his own personal style. So after he gets the email, we’ll let the recipient customize his underwear gift subscription to make sure he gets the pairs that match his preferences. And that’s it! You’ve officially given the perfect gift.

If you’re going to give a guy in your life underwear, go through the experts. With two decades of experience in the underwear industry, we know that we’ll be able to give him that best pair feeling.