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At Underwear Expert, we work to live up to our name every day. We’re happy to bring you not only a stellar subscription service you can use to test out the world’s hottest brands, but also real intel about everything from the best emerging lineups and collaborations to the industry’s hottest models (we mean their careers, of course). 

Because we’re only one team, and the men’s underwear industry is a global market with millions of brilliant minds at play, we’re making a point to bring in outside experts from time to time, to tell you all things underwear. 

So, in our continued effort to bring you the best in briefs, trunks, and beyond, we’ve decided to bring back an old favorite on our blog. We’re re-launching the Expert Series! 

Here’s what you can expect from this new-and-improved segment.


The Men’s Underwear Industry Is Changing

Like every major industry, from fashion to tech, innovations and new technologies drive change in the underwear industry. These innovations help products stay relevant, realistic, and accurate to their times without being weighed down by outdated standards and traditions that no longer apply. 

This is especially true of the world of men’s underwear. Today’s markets look vastly different than they did even 100 years ago. Back then, the market was relatively small and drab. Men's underwear hadn’t been a primary focus of retailers for very long not until the industrial revolution and the shift from long underwear or “long johns” to new styles that men with high-impact careers and lifestyles could wear. Then, the focus was on “manly” pieces designed to fit under suits and coveralls: something jockeys and athletes could wear, but that “gentlemen” wouldn’t bother with. 

Now, though, we’re living in a world where standards are completely redefined. There are active, beyond-due fights for representation going on that go beyond the old standards of what a person “should” wear LGBTQ+, disabled, and BIPOC included. The fashion industry at large is also reckoning with the realization that there are far more body types to love and admire with well-fitting clothes than just thin, muscled, white ones. As such, the underwear industry is expanding at a rapid rate why, the classic “tighty whities” haven’t even been on the market for a century yet! Who knows what we’ll be wearing in another hundred years

So, how can one man (you!) among millions keep up with the rapid-fire evolution of what to wear down there? By hearing from experts on the front lines of innovation. 

Why Talk to the Experts?

What’s the best way to learn something new? Obviously, you can do tons of your own research about it that’s a great, albeit time-intensive way to learn independently and come to your own conclusions about things. But where does that research come from? In short, it comes from those who’ve done research before you and published it for you to reference. So, the best way to learn something new? Learn from the legwork of experts.

When we talk about experts, we mean the people that know their craft inside and out. The men’s underwear industry, from start to finish, is massive. Not only does an expert need to know the history of the industry, including how certain styles came to be and which ones are still relevant, but they also  need to know what’s popular with who, and where. Experts decide what gets made, out of what, and in what design. Then there’s the making of that design, testing it, adjusting it, testing it again, and going until you’re satisfied. After that, pick out a fabric (or two, or three), colors, patterns, finishes, and trim. Make it, package it, advertise it, sell it, and start the research process all over again.

Your underwear goes through all of these steps and more, and no one knows more about each step than the folks who do the work themselves. Veterans of the industry tend to know more about their particular niches than anyone else; they’ve had the time and experience to learn about fashion processes inside out and upside down. By sitting down with the experts, we’re hoping to bring you new information that will not only help you appreciate how your favorite pair got to your shelf, but why exactly you love it and what went into its making from start to finish. You may even find some new favorites along the way!

Who Will We Talk To?

As mentioned, there are more than enough facets of this industry for us to make a lovely, long series about. We don’t want to give up too much of the entire lineup right away, but we will say that we’ve tapped heavyweights from across the industry, including:

  • Textile engineers making advancements on the foundations of your underwear
  • Designers creating innovative new shapes that complement you in all the right places
  • Researchers working with real people to see what consumers want, what they need, and how they can get it 

There will be many more, of course this is just an overview! It’s safe to say that you’ll be hearing from the people who are making waves in the industry, from fabric up to marketing.

We’ll even take it a step further by bringing in some of our favorites from outside of the active production process to talk about more specific aspects of the post-factory industry, from campaign managers to models and celebrities. Trust us when we say that their hot takes on fashion, safety, styling, and more, aren’t to be missed.


What to Expect From This Series

This Expert Series will be similar to our Interview Series in that it’ll cover a wide range of topics informed by the people who know them best. Unlike that series, though, this one will include a more direct and targeted informational deep-dive in every piece. While our interviews will talk about one person and their career, our Expert Series will examine a new topic with every installment and coalesce information from several top experts into one cohesive takeaway. 

Once again, we don’t really want to spoil anything, but we’re excited to show you what we have to talk about, so let’s hit the highlights.

Our expert opinion pieces will talk about factors that matter that you may not have thought about yet, like pouch technology, construction and cut, the benefits of certain fabrics over others, innovations like moisture wicking and mesh, and much, much more. 

On the subject of more, we’re bringing you topics that go beyond underwear, too! As we mentioned, we’ll dive into self-care (Do you have what it takes to shave properly down there every time?) and styling (What pair goes with what fit?), among other fascinating topics that you’ll just have to wait and see. We’re excited to bring you topics that we think you’ll love.

We’ll also dive into the best fabrics to choose for your comfort and activity level, which cuts support your manhood the best and which ones let the boys breathe, how to build and add to your basic underwear wardrobe and exactly when it’s time to replace your most well-loved pieces.

Got ideas for what you want to learn? We’d love to hear what you think we should talk about next! Let us know what your questions are and what innovations you’re most keen to learn about.


The men’s underwear industry is an exciting place to be, especially with all of the new styles popping up all the time. There’s never been a better time to figure out what fits you best, make your  opinions heard, and find something that’s just right for you no matter how you’re built.

From new ways to wear it to new wares to weigh in on, experts from across the industry have lots of interesting opinions for you to enjoy. Get hyped for this new and improved Expert Series! We’re passionate about bringing you brilliant pieces both written and the wearable variety so we hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve got to offer.

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