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More About Benjamin Godfre Underwear
We love it when a model has more to offer the world than just his body (even if it is a glorious body worthy of displaying). Here is an underwear model that has broken the mold as a model/porn star/artist, unafraid to allow his world to blend together in a dizzying mix that keeps his fans captivated.

This exhilarating lifestyle has been a joy to capture through celluloid and digital media. As a Marco Marco and Todd Sanfields model, Benjamin Godfre underwear sightings are captured through his love for the brands. He has shot campaigns for photographers such Tom Cullis, Leonardo Corredor, and Rick Day to name a few.

While many models have an air of mystery about them that leaves more questions than answers when reading public statements or magazine articles, Benjamin Godfre underwear sightings engage viewers and leave them wanting more.