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Arnaud Dehaynin
Arnaud Dehaynin is a French model who sprung up into the attention of model blogs in 2012. When he isn’t waiting tables or bar-tending at Raidd Bar in Le Marais, Paris, the French underwear model rocks the covers of magazines like Sensitif, and works with photographers like Philippe Escalier. Hailed as the “Triple-H” (hot, hunky and hairy) by DNA Magazine, Arnaud Dehaynin is growing to be a rather well-known model after his cover photo shoot with Sensitif, as well as receiving coverage from blogs like Manhunt Daily.

Dehaynin, who eventually would like to move to Los Angeles to continue his, is often flying between the United States and Paris. The six foot tall model’s fiery red hair and strong, masculine appearance has been a viral hit for online model fans in France, America and around the world.

While it seems like Arnaud Dehaynin himself has kept his work rather limited, only having one cover photoshoot with gay magazine Sensitif  (September issue #71), online blogs and publications do seem to love him. Manhunt Daily, for example, raves about Arnaud Dehaynin calling him “otter heaven,” as well as “a fuzzier Colby Melvin crossed with a younger, hotter Sam Trammell.” The gay men’s blog even placed Arnaud in their top 10 extremely sexy men list, naming him “Sexiest Man of the Moment.”

Arnaud Dehaynin consistently looks great with a rugged and scruffy sex appeal. Well known for his hairy chest and scruffy facial hair, Arnaud Dehaynin captures an amazing sense of masculinity in his photoshoots.

Some details on Arnaud Dehaynin include:

Height: 6′ 0″
Weight: 172 lb
Eye Color: Hazel
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Shoe Size: 9