Freedom Reign Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot

Sizzling red walls. Plush sofas. Sun-soaked, bare white hallways. Stomachs of steel. Welcome to the latest Freedom Reigns Valentine’s Day photo shoot. Shot by photographer J-Robert Horton in Hollywood, California, this steamy spread features three versatile male underwear models in different poses, underwear, and settings. All of them stun as they model against the simple and modern backgrounds with their bright and conforming pairs of Freedom Reigns. The underwear brand stands out as the center of attention thanks to the fresh color palette in the shoot.

Models Denny Darko, Sam Ortiz and Nick Stracener flaunt their washboard abs and penetratingly dark smizes as they lounge around on luxuriously soft sofas and lean against clean backgrounds like red walls or paneled windows for an artistic touch. The red wall backdrop is a nod to the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, with one model channeling a sexy attitude by pulling down the bright blue waistband of his Freedom Reigns Body Sport Jockstrap. Some of the models pose together in the same Freedom Reigns underwear pairs for some cute couple shots. In the other pictures, the natural sunlight filtering in through the windows nicely illuminates the contrast behind the model and the striking color combination of the underwear. One of the models shows off his athletic side in the hallway by flexing his legs and putting his feet on the opposite wall to show off a new, side vantage point to the pair. The Freedom Reigns brief comfortably defines the masculine curves to his rear, and moves with his body perfectly.

Which was your favorite dual pair in the Freedom Reigns photos below? Do you have any Valentine’s day plans coming up? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

For more information on this brand: Freedom Reigns

Photo Credit: J-Robert Horton

Model Credit: Denny Darko, Sam Ortiz, Nick Stracener

Sponsored by Freedom Reigns


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