Shop Talk: Introducing Joe Snyder

Introducing Joe Snyder

For this Shop Talk, The Underwear Expert highlights Mexican-based brand Joe Snyder. The brand has been around for 30 years and is still currently revolutionizing the underwear world with cutting edge designs and fabrics.

The Joe Snyder underwear brand stems from generations of menswear designers in Mexico. Learning the fashion tools of the trade from his father, José Vargas Snyder saw a need for more sensual underwear with an anatomical fit that was made from materials other than cotton. When he couldn’t find anything he envisioned on the market, he set out on a mission to bring those three qualities together to create and manufacture underwear that fit his image. This vision resulted in the birth of the Joe Snyder brand.

After designing and displaying the first item, the JS01 bikini, Snyder’s predictions came true as customers shared the same needs and wants for well-built underwear. Since JS01, the brand has expanded into many collections that include pretty much men’s underwear cut imaginable with an ever-growing lineup of patterns and colors; there are roughly fifty-eight styles with about fifteen colors. The brand has also incorporated new-aged design and techniques into their collections by crafting pieces that enhance and lift your privates with an anatomical pouch.

Some of the brand’s best-selling collections included the Shining and Bulge ranges and their latest creation, Pride Frame, a collection that frames a guy’s best ‘assets.’ Joe Snyder is also one of the pioneering brands to experiment with lace products for men’s underwear; Joe Snyder saw a niche market for this and introduced their Lace collection.

From the moment a piece of underwear is conceived to the time it is shipped, every part of the process is maintained and controlled by Joe Snyder in their headquarters, which is based in Mexico City. It’s not only their daring collections and experimentation with trends that set them apart from other run of the mill underwear brands, but Joe Snyder uses the highest quality of fabrics – which are all certified by Lycra® – in their designs.

Since everything is manufactured at the headquarters, the brand has a massive hold on quality control of every piece of garment that is created. Their packaging has gone through some of the most dramatic changes since they started. They began to ship items using cardboard boxes, but to reduce their carbon footprint they have since graduated to use biodegradable plastic bags, and are one of the few brands that use this type of shipping, proving the brands passion to become a more environmentally conscious company.  According to Joe Snyder, there are other brands that try to mimic their cuts and styles, but true Joe Snyder customers will know the difference by the excellence of the fabrication and craftsmanship. Anyone can design underwear, creates underwear that are incomparable.

Joe Snyder knows who it’s fans and customers are, and they do their best to produce products that will reach their target audience year after year. They welcome all types of men no matter their age, shape, size, nationality or sexual identity, and they continue to create ranges of underwear that fit any type of man with any type of lifestyle. The brand has even taken to social media to engage with their fans through Twitter and Facebook.

Although Joe Snyder has been around for three decades, their brand is growing enormously due to their close attention to detail, eye for trends, use of top-quality materials and how their products evolve beside the world’s green initiative. Recently, Joe Snyder has joined up with Malebasics who is their exclusive distributor in Canada and the United States.

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