GET THE LOOK: RuPaul’s Drag Race Plays ‘Whatcha Packin?’ With Andrew Christian

Hobbit Underwear Andrew Christian

This week’s mini-challenge on RuPaul’s Drag Race was pretty much the best we could ever imagine–it wasn’t so much mini as totally epic.

Andrew Christian models guest starred as an oversized pit crew sporting their sexy underwear looks. They looked like something like an underwear army. The queens stood in awe as about two-dozen shirtless models marched into the work-room and lined up for a game Ru likes to call ‘Whatcha Packin?’ It’s a lot like the children’s card game Concentration where you match overturned cards based on their pictures, except with ripped models dropping their pants to reveal different pairs of Andrew Christian underwear. The final seven contestants weren’t the only ones having fun, these charismatic models really enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with their stylishly wrapped packages.

Watch the video, then check out Get the Look below to find the deets on a few pairs these studs are sporting.

Two of these sneaky models are sporting Andrew Christian’s Del Mar Boxer Briefs ($25), in black with retro colored stripe details running down the side. With this sporty details, we’d say they’re the most on theme pair in the bunch–this is drag race, after all.

The more revealing Andrew Christian Show-It Briefs ($21.93) also make a cameo in black with pink contrast accents in the waistband and piping.

The first model to drop trou does a little dance in these Andrew Christian Slim Focus Briefs ($22.50). These lavender briefs have sporty black stripes that really set off the pouch, while the gold waistband adds a touch of class.

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