10 [Weird] Knit Underwear Designs

All throughout the year (Christmas time, especially), certain people get the urge to just wear really ugly knit sweaters, but have you ever spotted some weird knit underwear? Well, we have, folks… and it’s not too pretty. WarmPresents designer on Etsy is showcasing some very interesting underwear designs, and we’ve just got to show you.

Check out what we’re guessing are the top 10 weirdest underwear designs ever knit together, and let us know what you think!

#10: Too Much Trunk…

Knit Underwear 01

Just when you stopped worrying about the junk in your trunk…

#9: So Many Stripes…Knit Underwear 02

Sure is a lot of stripes… Too bad they’re not red and white or we could come up with seriously sexy “Where’s Waldo” scenarios.

#8: What’re YOU Lookin’ at?Knit Underwear 03

Okay, show of hands, is anybody comfortable with this? Okay, glad we all agree on that.

#7: We’re Guessing Guitar?Knit Underwear 04

Hmm… stare at it long enough, and it’s either a guitar or a crocodile with a pink feathery eyelash. Could totally be either one.

#6: The Love CatsKnit Underwear 10

There’s too many easy jokes to make about pussycats near your privates, so we’ll just let you all giggle to yourselves.

#5: Lonely Paradise
Knit Underwear 05

Would you want to be alone on a tropical island with someone wearing these? No judgements.

#4: This Is No FiestaKnit Underwear 06

Cute little pink party hat or not, there’s just something so unnerving about a cactus being so close to the essential organs.

#3: Call It “Pecker Love”

Knit Underwear 07

Have you ever seen pecker love like this, boys and girls? We are, of course, talking about the birds.

#2: This is Froggin’ RidiculousKnit Underwear 08

Please, please, please, nobody make a “Frog Prince” reference or suggest any kissing. Or do?

#1: Superheroes Get Cozy, TooKnit Underwear 09

No matter how soft and cozy these look, something about them just doesn’t really jive with the dark, tortured soul that is The Dark Knight… but you never know!

Photo Credit: WarmPresents on Etsy


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  1. Laura COY says:

    I know the bad reviews on the knitted mens boxers. Yet, I’d like to buy some as a gag gift for x mas. Who makes them, and where can I BUY THEM? 🙂 LOL

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