Ask the Expert: Jockstraps for the Gym

John from Miami: I’ve recently upped my gym workout to include a lot more cardio, which means a lot more bouncing around, so I need extra support down there. Can you recommend some jockstraps for the gym that get the job done but still look decent? I don’t want to look like I got my jock from the 70’s in the locker room.

The Underwear Expert: We’ve got the jock for you, doc! It’s a good thing you consulted The Underwear Expert before running out and grabbing the first jockstrap you could find. While most of the jockstraps out there today are quite attractive, they don’t offer much in terms of function.

When it comes to jockstraps for the gym, what you need is a solid design, resilient rear straps that make the pouch taut, which provides the essential bounce control you need, and a waistband that keeps the jockstrap in place.

Start with the basics–the Bike Performance Cotton Jockstrap is heavy on support, light on style, but still looks decent. The pouch is made from a 55% nylon, 25% rubber, 20% cotton blend mesh fabric that allows for plenty of airflow. Plus, it comes in a money-saving 2-pack that saves you cash and time. This jockstrap is great for any degree of activity, from all-out running on a treadmill to the rapid rocking of spinning.

Slightly more stylish, C-IN2 makes a few great jockstraps that continue to be a hit with both the athlete and the sporty-because-it’s-fashionable kind of guy. The C-IN2 Zen Street Jockstrap is made from a 30% cotton 70% bamboo fiber blend mesh fabric that wicks away moisture, providing long lasting sweat and odor control. The contrast waistband and pouch trim add a touch of stylish detail without being too showy. The C-IN2 Core Jockstrap is made from super soft 100% cotton and features a super wide waistband that stays in place no matter how many hours you spend on the treadmill. Both of these C-IN2 jockstraps are great for medium-impact activities, such as short warm-up runs, cycling and stepping. Into heavy lifting, severe work-outs, or just keeping dry regardless of the activity? Check out the C-IN2 Grip Collection, the new standard in performance wear.

Go Softwear is a go-to for jockstraps that give you the best of both worlds, support and style in one comfortable package. The Go Softwear Cotton Lycra Jockstrap is traditional in style, but features a cotton pouch in bright colors with contrast trim for a dash of fashion. The extra wide rear bands do a great job of keeping this pouch set, and are made from soft elastic that won’t dig or leave marks on your bum. Wear for cycling, stretching and short bouts of running. The Go Softwear Super Padded Jock features a padded panel sewn into the front pouch that prevents squishing when doing medium-impact activities, like warm up stretches and yoga poses that require you to be on your tummy.

The Cocksox CXActive Jockstrap features an anatomically-shaped pouch that gently cradles your package, so it feels supportive but with plenty of room. The rear straps are narrower than most jockstrap varieties, but the ergonomic fit of the pouch keeps everything in place. It’s also made from a moisture-wicking microfiber fabric that cuts down on sweat and odor. This jockstrap is ideal for high-impact activities, such as running long distances.

Part of the athlete-coveted Calvin Klein Underwear Pro Stretch athletic underwear collection, the Pro Stretch Jockstrap is made with the same fit and technology to make your workout worthwhile. The Coolmax waistband is plush-lined to prevent digging and instantly wicks away moisture. The 2-ply 92% cotton, 8% elastane pouch gives you long lasting, absorbent softness and plenty of support for a variety of medium to high-impact activities, including running, stepping and cycling.

One last note about jockstraps–the little fabric they have tends to get hotter, sweatier and smellier than regular underwear, so make sure you wash them between uses. Refer to The Underwear Expert’s Underwear 101 Washing Instructions Guide for the easy way to care for your jockstrap properly, and you’ll enjoy many years of support and comfort.

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0 thoughts on “Ask the Expert: Jockstraps for the Gym

  1. Ed says:

    A fave of mine and no longer found at the store is the Franklin brand. The pouch is very snug and requires me to do some adjusting to get everything inside and remain there, but there’s no bouncing around and no worry about “sitting on yourself” when straddling the benches. Another good one is the ShockDoctor jock that can accommodate a cup. It has a narrower waistband, and it provides a snug fit with or without the cup, making it great for running on the treadmill or streets as well as for sports requiring the cup. Waist size seems to run small, though.

  2. Terry says:

    I like the UK’s last traditional style jockstrap made by Sallis Healthcare, Nottingham, England. With all cotton tube-knit pouch, the slightly less stretchy elastadine replaces elastane. Great in the gym, on the bike or sports field and everyday wear. 10/10

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