Q&A: 2(X)IST Model André Ziehe

We had the pleasure of chatting with 2(X)IST underwear model André Ziehe recently. We’ve never met a Brazlian we didn’t like, and the same holds true for André. He’s a super nice guy, totally chill, and perhaps just a little bit eccentric–it doesn’t hurt that he’s so captivating in all of 2(X)IST’s underwear campaigns either. André opens up to us about when he wears pink underwear, the craziest thing he’s ever done, and chats us up about the recent 2(X)IST Spring 2012 fashion show and his recent photo shoot for Glamoholic‘s September Fashion Issue.

Read up on the Brazilian model below, and take a pit-stop half-way through to check out exclusive behind the scenes photos of 2xist underwear model André Ziehe,the official 2(X)IST SWIM campaign photo and shots and a video from Glamoholic shoot.

The Underwear Expert: First, thanks so much for taking the time to chat.

André Ziehe: Thank you too, you’re always welcome! Let’s go for it!

The Underwear Expert: So let’s start with some underwear questions! What’s your favorite 2(X)IST underwear range?

André Ziehe: I like the PIMA’s a lot; they’re very comfy and have a shape that I like!

The Underwear Expert: Is shape and support in underwear important to you?

André Ziehe: Totally! I like feeling confortable when wearing my everyday underwear and, of course, it has to look nice in case you suddenly meet a girl… haha.

The Underwear Expert: So when you plan to meet a girl, do you have a special pair you put on?

André Ziehe: Not really, I like wearing plain colors, either black, dark blue or white (which are my everyday underwear too).

The Underwear Expert: Always better to show your true self! And what’s your favorite cut of underwear? Boxer brief, trunk, brief, etc. and why?

André Ziehe: Brief, for sure… I like the support that briefs give and the way they look on my body. When I was younger I used to wear boxers but I think they make my legs look shorter so I started to use briefs for castings and stuff and ended up liking them as my everyday underwear.

The Underwear Expert: Speaking of castings, how did you get started modeling?

André Ziehe: I started modeling in the south of Brazil in 2003 as a source to raise money for my studies. In the end of 2003, I participated in the Elite national contest and ended up as finalist. I got the invitation to start modeling professionally in São Paulo for Elite and I decided to pause my studies and move to São Paulo for work.

The Underwear Expert: What were you studying?

André Ziehe: I was studying Product Design back then.

The Underwear Expert: If you had to use your product design skills to analyze men’s underwear right now, what advice or critiques would you offer?

André Ziehe: That’s a good question! Designing is not only about doing things that you like but what the market needs. I would always go for a very manly underwear design, playing with colors maybe as a way to diversify.

The Underwear Expert: Are there any colors you absolutely won’t wear as underwear?

André Ziehe: Funny that you asked. I would never buy pink underwear, but once a girlfriend told me that I looked very sexy in it, so.. why not use it if it makes your girl happy?

The Underwear Expert: Ha! You know, Tyson Beckford told us something very similar! He told us pink Calvin’s were his hands down favorite for that very reason!

André Ziehe: Not for everyday! But to play once in a while I think it’s a good call…

The Underwear Expert: Maybe pink is a secret lady catcher.

André Ziehe: Hell yeah! I’ll start playing with that, it’s a new discovery in my life!

The Underwear Expert: Are you single or dating at the moment, André?

André Ziehe: I’m single, but never alone…

The Underwear Expert: And what does it take to charm you? What is something that drives you crazy when you’re meeting or talking to a woman?

André Ziehe: Her behavior as a woman. I like very feminine girls with a special touch. Sometimes a single gesture makes the whole difference. I like simple and easy going girls, too.

The Underwear Expert: It seems there are endless attractive male models that come out of Brazil. Is there something in the water there?

André Ziehe: Ha! Endless attractive female models, too! I don’t really know, but I guess that it comes from our culture, and the good mixing that happens there.

The Underwear Expert: From Brazil, who would you say is your stiffest “competition?”

André Ziehe: I don’t really analyze it as “competition.” There are many good guys in the business but what makes the biggest difference in my opinion is the professionalism. That’s what really counts in the long run.

The Underwear Expert: You were recently photographed by Sean P. Watters and featured on the cover of Glamaholic magazine‘s fashion issue. Can you tell us about that shoot?

André Ziehe: It was good! It was their first fashion issue; I was proud to be selected to be a part of the project.

Check out the photos from Glamaholic’s September fashion issue below as well as an exclusive behind the scenes video of the cover page photo shoot. PLUS, in this gallery, check out behind the scenes photos from the recent 2(X)IST fashion show and the official 2(X)IST SWIM campaign photo of André. More from 2(X)IST model André Ziehe after the jump.



The Underwear Expert: Are there any facets of the modeling industry you’d like to spend more time focusing on?

André Ziehe: I always love to work wearing suits, but lately I’ve been doing a lot of body and underwear stuff. I really like brands that are able to make a good suit, such as Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Dsquared2. These brands are my goals pretty much. I have been working out lately but trying not to get too big to keep fitting those clothes!

The Underwear Expert: And you’ve modeled for two of those brands already, right? Dsquared2 and D&G?

André Ziehe: I’ve worked with all those I listed actually except Ralph Lauren.

The Underwear Expert: Everyone has this idea that modeling is the best job ever. Do you agree?

André Ziehe: The best job ever is the one you love doing, so for me that’s the best job I could have. I plan to go back for Design soon; I love creating and drawing stuff too, mixing art and functional ideas.

The Underwear Expert: So you have two passions then!

André Ziehe: Yes, you’re right.

The Underwear Expert: What’s the most memorable photo shoot you’ve participated in, André?

André Ziehe: I would say that shooting the Dsquared2 campaign with Steven Meisel and Louis Vuitton with [Mert Atlas] and [Marcus Piggott] were the most memorable ones. Great crew, awesome brands, nice locations.

The Underwear Expert: All are really great photographers. Are there any photographers you want to work with that you haven’t yet?

André Ziehe: It would be great to work with Steven Klein and Bruce Weber but I’ve never met them…

The Underwear Expert: How was the recent 2(X)IST fashion show?

André Ziehe: It was great! My very first “underwear” show actually. Of course I’ve been in underwear on shows before but it was great to do a specific 2(X)IST underwear show.

The Underwear Expert: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done (that you can share)?

André Ziehe: Man, that’s a hard question… I do crazy things almost everyday, but maybe the craziest was running naked in a public park?! It was at night, no one around.. and it was raining.

The Underwear Expert: Where was this?

André Ziehe: In Italy–a while ago.

The Underwear Expert: That’s definitely crazy. What was the context? Dare? Drunk? Were you alone?

André Ziehe: I knew you would ask more about it! I was totally sober. I was alone and wanted to try a new sensation.

The Underwear Expert: This story keeps getting better!

André Ziehe: Maybe it wasn’t the right place and time, but I definitely felt great.

The Underwear Expert: Were you thrill-seeking? Or were you just looking to be liberated for a moment?

André Ziehe: I couldn’t really tell you. I didn’t plan it at all. I just went for a run and it was something that popped in my head and I decided to do it—didn’t think twice. I wouldn’t have done it if I stopped to think of it.

The Underwear Expert: That’s true of many things.

André Ziehe: Try it man, it feels really great! The rain on your skin is the point of it.

The Underwear Expert: In closing, what words would you say you live your life by?

André Ziehe: Peace. And love.

For more photos and previous 2(x)IST campaigns from 2(X)IST underwear model André Ziehe, click here.

Photo Credit: 2(X)IST underwear, Sean P. Watters


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  1. Scott says:

    Thanks so much for this interview! I’ve been a big fan of André for a long time, and there aren’t enough in-depth interviews like this around. It affirms my intuition that he is truly a stand-up guy, a professional, and so much more than just a “pretty face”. In times when people expect “celebrities” to act like bad boys, it’s great to see that André is one of the good guys, with a good head on his shoulders, and a great attitude towards work and life. I suspect he’s got a bright future in whatever he pursues.

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