Ask the Expert: Silk Underwear for Men?

Andrew from Houston: My girlfriend wants me to wear silk underwear because she think it’s sexy. I don’t know if she’s messing with me or not, but I’m going to get some anyways. Does silk underwear for men even exist? Um.. help?

The Underwear Expert: It’s not uncommon for a guy to get his boxers in a bunch when his girlfriend suggests silk underwear for him–most guys probably think of a shiny, frilly thong that would be too emasculating to even further discuss, so we won’t.

The good news is there is a huge category of silk underwear for men, and once you slip a pair on, you may not look at your usual underwear the same ever again. Silk is a natural fabric prized for its luxurious texture but the comfort benefits go way beyond that. Silk is naturally temperature regulating, meaning it disperses excess heat when you’re warm and insulates body heat when you’re cold, keeping you “cool in the summer” and “warm in the winter.”

The men’s silk underwear your girlfriend probably intended for you is a silk boxer short, like the Mansilk Stripe Jacquard Boxer. It’s your basic boxer short made from silk fabric that features alternating stripes. You put these on for bed, and you’ll want to wear them to work the next day. But as they’re roomy and relaxed, they don’t fit all that well beneath pants, and for that we have a variety of other styles made from silk that have the softness you crave with the more practical fit you need. Mansilk also makes the Mansilk Silk Knit with Spandex Mini Brief–a classic brief that comes in a variety of colors and with the supernatural comfort benefits of silk. If you’re more of a trunks guy, the Magic Silk Knit Boxer Brief is a slim fitting trunk with two buttons in the front and the magic comfort of silk.

For the true bon viveur, the Hanro Silk Modal Boxer is the creme de la creme of men’s silk underwear. The tailored fit comes only second to the luxuriously soft fabric, made from silk blended with modal, another natural fiber known for its incredible softness and moisture absorbancy. The lighter weight of these make them better suited for warmer weather and hot climates. But perhaps more practical for everyday is the HOM Silk 44 Micro Brief, a low rise brief also made from a silk and modal blend fabric, that has a clean, lean fit that provides the softness and long lasting comfort of silk.

You can also snag silk boxer shorts by British menswear designer Thomas Nash if you’re looking for A+ silk underwear for men. They come in a variety of colors and prints (even gold leopard spots) and give you the buttery soft feeling of 100% silk at an affordable price. Our last honorable mention goes to the Patra Silk Mix Tanga Brief, the best-selling men’s brief from the UK-based underwear and intimates designer. These lean cut briefs are made from 95% silk for ultra smoothness but with a touch of stretch added for a snugger fit that any lover of silk can appreciate for more practical daytime wear.

Trust us when we say, once you try silk, you’ll be stuck, so even if your girlfriend is messing with you, try some silk underwear for men and you’ll have the last laugh.

For more information on these brands: Hanro, HOM, Magic Silk, Mansilk, Patra, Thomas Nash


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  1. Dustin Carl Granger says:

    If your going to wear silk boxers, make sure you sag your pants and wear a really long shirt. Also, don’t be afraid to let your droopy pants fall off.

  2. Ryan House says:

    In the Image above the Man with the White boxers are those silk and what brand are they. they don’t have that shiny look of other silk stuff

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