Ask the Expert: Profile Enhancing Underwear

Greg from Philadelphia: For my birthday this year I got a pair of briefs with a rubber ring attached inside the pouch. At first I thought the store had left the security tag on, then I thought maybe it was a gag gift, but really, the packaging looks pretty legit. I figured out what the ring is for, but is it for me? What do I do with it??

Expert: Welcome to the world of profile enhancing underwear! When this kind of underwear for men first came out it was definitely the stuff of taboos, but nowadays, guys of all types are enjoying the extra support and sexy look they get from this ingenious underwear. Profile enhancing underwear comes in many forms–from elastic slings to plastic rings–and they’re relatively easy to use. Simply insert your package through the enhancing apparatus and voila! You’ve got an instantly bigger bulge.

To answer your question about who wears them, profile enhancing underwear is for any guy who wants to give his manhood a sexy, boosted appearance.  As far as when and where you can wear it, the world is your oyster, my friend. Profile enhancing underwear is a great way to spice up special occasions or just add some sexy to your everyday underwear. Wear with your favorite pair of jeans and see them fit like never before. Pop that baby on for a first date and you’ll be guaranteed a second.

In fact, wearing profile enhancing underwear everyday isn’t uncommon as you’d think–in the same way women wear push-up bras, men can certainly emphasize their finest assets for a boost of confidence. Popular men’s underwear brands like C-IN2 offer profile enhancing styles that look like normal underwear, such as the C-IN2 Core Lo No Show Profile Brief with Sling, and the Andrew Christian Show-It Low Profile Boxer.  Many guys who try profile enhancing underwear for the first time find themselves hooked, so once you’re more comfortable with the concept, there’s no doubt you’ll be tempted to try other styles, including those at the more daring end of the spectrum that are great for occasions that demand a little drama. Two of our favorites are the Andrew Christian Shock Jock Flirt Brief which features a  hidden foam insert with a natural looking shape that adds up to two inches of bulge, and the Gregg Homme Pump-Up Briefs, which contain a criss-cross suspension system that elevates your package to front and center placement for maximum bulge enhancement. Whether you’re after a little boost or super sexy bulge, as long as you’re comfortable, there is no wrong way to wear profile enhancing underwear.

For more information about these brands: Andrew Christian, C-IN2, Gregg Homme


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  1. AJ says:

    Who the hell would be stupid enough to buy underwear that comes with a insert so you can FAKE having more than you do?  I’m all for having a C-ring or something that enhances, but Andrew Christian’s idea of a “hidden foam insert” (which looks fucking STUPID, I might add) is a mistake.

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