teamm8’s M8 Of November: Nigel Santos Jovero

M8 Of November

Each month the teamm8 M8 of the Month just seems to get better and better. teamm8’s M8 of November continues that pattern of excellence. At 25-years-old, Nigel Santos Jovero makes the month of November proud, with his impeccable, athletic physique, infectious smile and admirable morals. Aside from being exceptionally good looking, Nigel is also a personal trainer with the body to prove it. Family is extremely important to him, and growing up he was taught to respect and appreciate everything he had and to work hard towards getting what he wants out of life. Nigel always pushes to be at the top of his game in everything that he does, which inevitably landed him the role as teamm8’s M8 of November.

Nigel is at a point in his life where he wants to take his career to new heights, while he continues to grow and experience what life has to offer. He hopes to find himself in New York with a fitness business idea he dubs, “The Fit Lover.” Nigel strives to reach his own definition of success while fulfilling his pursuit of true happiness. His ambition is to be a revolutionary icon in the heart of New York. He considers himself a visionary. His main focus in life consists of three things: to learn, apply and adapt. The M8 of November also considers his mother and godchildren as his champions and role models. He believes that if it wasn’t for them, he wouldn’t be at the great place in his in life right now.

Check out his M8 of November photo shoot to see the hard working fitness guru sport some of our favorite teamm8 sportswear items. Don’t let his stoic mannerisms and tough facade fool you; this M8 of the Month is a sweetheart with a great head on his shoulders.

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Photo Credit: Jacob Nassif / teamm8

Model Credit: Nigel Santos Jovero

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