Long Live Summer, And Sexy N2N Swimwear

N2N Swimwear is one thing, but when it’s modeled by Shawn Alexander, it’s another thing entirely. The brand’s 2015 collection of swim styles has something for everyone – or at least, everyone who likes to show some skin around the pool. That being said, it’s what isn’t seen that makes N2N Swimwear even sexier than the average swim look. Sure their designs are stylish and/or sporty, but we’re looking at all those unlined pouches.

The Underwear Expert’s exclusive shoot by Jerrad Matthew below catches Shawn in six N2N Swimwear collections. Each pair he models is narrow and rides low on his waist. That’s enough sex appeal for most brands, but not N2N. By removing the pouch linings across the board, they’ve designed their body-hugging swim briefs to be seductive, especially when wet. But you can still see the outline of Shawn’s package, even when they’re out of the water and dry in the sun.

Shawn Alexander has that blonde and buff sex appeal we personally can’t get enough of at The Underwear Expert. Think Captain America without the goody-two-shoes moral compass, and with a fiercely flirtatious side, or maybe that’s just the straightforward sex appeal of this summer’s N2N Swimwear? They’re so revealing any man who wears them must have something of a bad boy side to him. Shawn is more than willing to bare most and let N2N hint at the rest.

We’re treated to just about every angle N2N Swimwear has to offer with the six different collections shaping to Shawn’s smooth and muscular physique. But as gorgeous as he is, we’ve got all eyes on his swim briefs. The Catalina Bold Sport Swim Brief is ultra thin and fits like a true second skin when wet. The PX Racer Swim Brief has a contouring seam for a pleasantly distracting amount of definition “down there.” Then swim briefs from the Safari X and Nitro X collections actually have enhancing pouches. Brace yourself, and check out the photoshoot below.

Which of the N2N Swimwear styles modeled by Shawn Alexander would you wear to end your summer with a bang? Or would you rather end it with Shawn Alexander? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Shawn Alexander

Products Supplied by N2N