Before Their New Site Launches: The Best Of Baskit

Best Of Baskit

Colorado-based underwear brand Baskit is preparing to launch a newly designed website, complete with new imagery featuring model Alex Zimnitsa. But before that happens, The Underwear Expert wanted to take a look back at the best of Baskit: some of our favorite pairs and models from Baskit photoshoots past.

Hands down, we ate up every every shot featuring models Nelson Marin and Marvin Garcia, especially when photographed together. The boyfriends showed the best sides of Baskit’s Just /b/ Brief. One of The Underwear Expert’s favorite Baskit designs, the casual brief has the unique /b/ waistband in a contrasting color that gives each pair just a touch of athleticism.

The Baskit Energy Brief never looked better than when it was modeled by Ronnie McNaughton. His boyish charm sweetened the Energy Brief’s classic design. And then happened it again, when Ronnie slipped into the Billy Boy Brief. Brighter and simpler than the Energy Brief, it’s one of Baskit’s cutest brief designs. The shots of Ronnie give the brand a sense of sex appeal, and focused on what Baskit does to perfection: simplicity.

That being said, we wouldn’t call the Urban Basics Jock simple. It was modeled by Eric Angelo (and his muscles) only last year. As “simple” as the design is, it’s proof that Baskit knows how and when to play their to-the-point sexy card.

What’s your favorite thing about your pairs of Baskit underwear? What pairs do you think capture the best of Baskit? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Baskit, Rich Mackey

Models: Eric Angelo, Marvin Garcia, Nelson Marin, Ronnie McNaughton

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