The New aussieBum Flip It Collection Will Have You Flipping!

aussieBum Flip It Collection

The aussieBum Flip It Collection has taken the boxer game to a whole new dimension. The new aussieBum Flip It Collection has reinvented the function of the waistband. The waistband on these styles can be flipped down, revealing a totally different color. It changes the whole look of the underwear, so if you’re someone who frequently changes his mind, this might be the perfect collection for you! It’s like the mood ring of underwear, except you flip the band instead of it changing on its own!

The aussieBum Flip It Collection is available in 4 different colors: pink, red, purple and blue. The pink style has a purple waistband with a blue logo when it’s flipped up, and a pink logo when it’s flipped down. The purple has a purple waistband, but the colors of the logo are reversed. The red Flip It has a blue waistband with a blue logo when it’s flipped up, and a red logo when it’s flipped down. The blue style, like the red style, has a blue waistband, but the color of the logos are reversed.

All styles feature a two-button fly and a thick waistband. The garments are made up of super-soft micro-modal fabric, which is very comfy. aussieBum also has feature videos for each color on their website that you might want to check out!

The aussieBum Flip It Collection is available in sizes S – XXL.

What do you think of this new reversible waistband? Which color combination do you think works the best in the aussieBum Flip It Collection? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us

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