Dare To Throw A Candyman Costume Party

Candyman Costume

Underwear brand Candyman has a solid grasp on underwear designs that are both sexy and miles from the norm. Candyman costume underwear, for instance, goes where many underwear brands fear to. Taking erotic underwear deep into kinky territory, these designs are all about having fun before getting lucky. With tongue-in-cheek details sure to earn remarks, these costumes show off not just your body, but your playful attitude.

Among Candyman’s crazy sexy costumes are the Bat Superhero and Spider Outfits. So much sexier than Batman and Spider-Man could hope to be, these boxer briefs have the heroes’ classic colors, and backs that leave your back end exposed – the Bat has a sheer bottom, and the Spider Outfit looks like it has Spiderman’s web slung across the rear. Inventive and sexy? We can definitely get behind that.

One of the most outrageous Candyman costumes is their Fireman Outfit. At first look, it’s a simple red boxer brief. But add suspenders and a removable printed firehose right on the crotch, and it’s a tease worthy of alarm. Other looks that fetishizes a man in uniform are the Sultry Commander and Police Outfits. The Commander comes equipped with a hat, tie, and handcuffs. The Police Outfit comes with a badge, so you really know it’s official when your SO tells you that you are under arrest for being too sexy.

Candyman costume underwear is available in sizes S-XL.

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