Review: Mensuas Pocket Pouch Trunk, Display Your Jewels

Item reviewed: Mensuas MN5670 Pocket Pouch Trunk

About the product: The Mensuas Pocket Pouch Trunks are sturdy cotton trunks with an integrated pocket pouch. The trunks provide full coverage front and back with a wide waistband sporting the Mensuas logo. A sturdy seam framing the pouch and an internal fabric layer creates this unique pocket pouch that pulls your package away from your legs.

What we like: Top quality cotton and construction make these trunks durable and comfortable. The pocket pouch pulls and separates your package for both visual effect as well as athletic comfort. These trunks allow you to run and jump as much as you want without displeasing your adoring fans.

When we’d wear them: Strutting around the gym. Weekly confidence booster.

Who we’d recommend them to: These trunks are great for athletic fellas looking for a bit more confidence throughout their day. The pocket pouch keeps you snug while putting the family jewels out on display.

In three words: Athletic. Snug. Showoff.


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Photo Credit: Mensuas

Product Supplied by Mensuas