Men In Speedos, From The 50s To Today

Men In Speedos

It happens every summer. Your beach day is going like any other, and then you see that man in a Speedo. You know he is bold right off the bat, and unafraid to wear the classically captivating and revealing style. This is our roundup of men in Speedos, from the 50s to today. We’re going back in time, and then back to the future, with vintage hunks to Olympian heartthrobs.


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These vintage flutter bums show us that Speedo has been around for a while. It was in 1957 that Speedo started making looks out of nylon, and in 1959 that they started exporting to the United States. These guys were ahead of the curve.


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Tomcats of the 1960s were the first to get the real deal. In 1960, the first leisure-style swim brief from Speedo was made available for purchase for any man wanting to rock the iconic swim look.


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Things got brighter in the 70s. Speedo was still kicking strong and looking groovy, producing ads and being worn by men of various ages. The Sun People ad was one of the more memorable ones, and was totally ’70s.


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In the 1980’s, Speedo was featured more often on the silver screen as well as in your living room. Adrian Zmed was a star in Grease 2 and the show T.J. Hooker, where his body was on display quite frequently.


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Ricky Martin had a habit of showing up at the beach in Speedos for a bit during the late 90s when he was at his sexiest. And then in 1999, Versace model Sean Phillips was featured in Burn Magazine, wearing a smashing red speedo.


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Daniel Craig took his first outing as James Bond in 2006 with Casino Royale. His brief scene with some more brief swimwear has become a modern icon. The picture on the right though is from the 2009 Santa Speedo Run in Boston.


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Chris Mears and Tom Daley became instant heartthrobs when competing in the 2012 Summer Olympics. And lucky for us, they were nearly naked the entire time. Nowadays Speedos are still worn by your average guy, but Olympians wear them best.

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