#MackWeldon: Recap Of Mack Weldon’s Instagram

Underwear brand’s with Instagram accounts are always fun to follow because they’re always about more than just underwear. Mack Weldon’s Instragram is one of the better ones, with a good variety of post that all add to the brands clever and sophisticated image. This is our recap of their Instagram account. We chose some of the shining Instagram’s better moments, and put them together just for you.



Around Father’s Day, Mack Weldon’s Instagram was consistently uploading gift ideas for Dad. They were pretty funny, but showed that the individuals behind Mack Weldon have an eye for the finer things in life.



Of course, Mack Weldon’s eyes are normally on underwear. To help promote and launch their Spring 2014 collection, Mack Weldon uploaded some art board-style posts to their Instagram feed. Both were classy and modern.

3. Sophistication and minimalism often go hand in hand, because nothing is more unsophisticated than trying too hard. These minimalist posts also enhance Mack Weldon’s brand identity, while showing off a sharp sense of humor.



You have to show Mack Weldon’s socks some love to. Their dress socks make some classy appearances on Mack Weldon’s Instagram, and the stripes and solids look awesome under the stylish dress shoes they are worn under.



Of course Mack Weldon’s socks range beyond those for professional wear. Mack Weldon’s Instagram also shows their other sock looks out in action, from the casual to the athletic.



It’s always nice to get a behind-the-scenes look at one of your favorite underwear brands, and Mack Weldon’s Instragram give us that. We catch glimpses of designers handling fabrics, and photographs bringing out the best side of some socks.



Of course marketing apparel is all about presentation, and Mack Weldon seems to have a knack for it. The shot on the left is from a poker night where Mack Weldon socks are elegantly displayed. And even on the right, where the underwear is on the floor, Mack Weldon remembers presentation. The waistband was made into a heart for Valentine’s Day.

8. More than anything, we love an underwear brand that is not only unafraid to show their support for LGBT rights, but proud to do so. This gem from Mack Weldon’s Instagram is really all we needed to jump on board the Mack Weldon train. But all that style and sophistication never hurt anyone.

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Photo Credit: Mack Weldon, Instagram

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