GO Green Fit: Box Squats

Box squats are one of the best lifts to do if you are looking to bulk up your lower body, mainly your quadriceps. In the video, you can see our go-to Instagram trainer performing box squats while nursing a newly-healed Achilles’ tendon. He manages to do 4 reps of 290 in the video. How much do you think you could do, injured or in your prime?

One key element of box squats is the moment where you are actually seated. You want to pause and relax your hip flexors, and never use the box to spring off of. Box squats help you practice the explosive movement. When you stand, you want to keep the weight on your heels as you push your knees out. You’ll also want to find a box or bench that can provide you with something similar to a parallel squat.

What are your thoughts on box squats? How much do you think you could lift, and still be able to manage 5 reps? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.