Fruit Of The Loom To Dress The Naked Cowboy


Let’s be clear, The Naked Cowboy is not actually naked. The New York City staple – who’s real name is Robert Burck – has been featured on countless television shows and even sang his theme song, “I’m The Naked Cowboy’ to 18,000 spectators at a Leinster Rugby game in Ireland. So it is no surprise at all that this self-made sensation has just been handed the keys to Fruit of the Loom’s marketing strategy for its new boxer briefs for men. But just to be clear, he is not actually naked.

When performing, Burck wears a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and strums an acoustic guitar that is placed suggestively in front of his torso. His nakedness is an illusion. The guitar provides just enough coverage to hide what he wears to keep himself ‘in check:’ white briefs.  But his underwear of choice is about to change because the new Fruit of the Loom collection will be boxer briefs.

He seems to have no problem with it; after all he’s an exhibitionist. Exhibiting a new line of underwear falls directly in line with his particular form of self-branding as nontraditional NYC icon. Senior VP for Marketing and Merchandising Melissa Burgess-Taylor could not agree more. In a statemtent to the Huffington Post she insinuated that with underwear a necessary component to his job, why not have him in Fruit of the Looms. Seems the perfect . . . fit.

The company is keeping their lips sealed about how much they are spending on the campaign, but word is already out that he will be flanked by a billboard on the Nasdaq tower in Times Square. Starting Tuesday it will read: “even the Naked Cowboy has changed his underwear.”

The Boxer Briefs will be available this month in Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Target stores for $13.99 for five pair. Though The Naked Cowboy will be wearing them, and serenading you to wear them, they will not be bearing his name. Just like he won’t be fully bearing his own bottom.

Will you make your way to Times Square to check out The Naked Cowboy in his new duds? Maybe buy a pair yourself? Do you think he’s a genius or a sellout?  Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert

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