Underwear Confessions: Putting On Some Good Behaviors


I’m always reading these articles on self-improvement. Yes, they’re great and yes, I’m sure my life would improve if I could stick to them, but the issue is after some time my regimen falters and I find myself no longer carrying out the positive behaviors that are supposed to enhance my life.

Two positive behaviors I have been trying to implement for a while are:

1) start my day with a positive mantra or thought like “I will seize today’s opportunities”.

2) daily gratitude. I saw a TED talk on how simply being grateful about 3 things that happen during your day drastically improve a person’s outlook and, eventually, performance.

I had good runs at being consistent with each, even changing the title of my daily alarm on my phone to “I will seize today’s opportunities,” but after some time I wasn’t actively reading or thinking it, just hitting snooze. Hey, I’m only human.

Then it occurred to me: underwear is the first piece of clothing I put on in the morning, and the last thing I take off. If I simply tie the morning mantra to when I am putting on my boxers—a habit I have not faltered on in 26 years—and then reflect on three things I am grateful for when they are coming off at the end of the day, then I’ll be associating positive behaviors I want to include in my daily schedule with a behavior that I have already established.

Self-improvement, I’m on my way.


Photo Credit: Joseph Lally