Hard-boiled Junior Franch smolders in GLAD Magazine


Exquisitely shot by the self-described fashion photographer and manipulator Junior Franch for GLAD Magazine’s #9 issue, the São Paulo denizen captures two smoky-eyed boyish figures with intrigue and come hither gusto in Steven Klein-esque B&W.

The sinfully scrumptious shoot takes the heroin chic profligacy of the mid-90s and brings it back in full-force as the models erect and contort their limbs in positions that evoke yoga, wrestling and captivity. And all the while they flaunt some of fashion’s biggest heavy-hitters such as that of the one and only Calvin Klein. His signature black Steel Micro Low-Rise Trunk ($30.00), made of ultra-luxe enhanced cotton and premium microfiber, is structured for maximum comfort and style.

Wherever the neo-noir influenced charcoal backdrop is, it seems to be set somewhere between an unfurnished bedroom and a hard-boiled interrogation room where the boys can live out their fantasies. Whether they’re sporting a “Cabaret”-esque low-cut singlet, a studded denim jacket with a faded Blue Ensign insignia, or out-of-this-world satin briefs, these cariocas smolder shot after shot.

Only nine issues of the straightforward GLAD Magazine come out a year, but perhaps the beautiful zine may be a chic source of off-kilter and affordable haute couture Brazilian underwear.

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Calvin Klein is available in sizes S-XL, in a variety of colors.

For more information on the brand: Calvin Klein

Photo Credit: Junior Franch