The Six Most Playful Supawear Campaign Photos

Playful Supawear Campaign Photos

Supawear was launched in the summer of 2012 as a brother brand to Aussie based swimwear and underwear company, 2Eros. The brand is focused on giving, “the men on Earth sexy, fun and affordable essentials turning them into SUPA MAN.”

Coverage Of The Supawear Launch!

The brand originally released three underwear collections at the start including, SUPA-MAN, SUPA-SONIC and SUPA-DUPA. Shortly after they launched their Swimwear collections which were naturally inspired by Superheros. Since then they have been releasing handfuls of collections every six months to give their fans new products to look forward to. This year, they ventured out of underwear and swimwear to expand into Gymwear, including shorts, sweaters, t-shirts and caps.

Just as much as you look forward to new gear from the Aussie brand, we do too, but we’re going to take a moment to look back at their playful campaigns, and the many beautiful models who are part of the Supawear family.

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Photo Credit: Supawear

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