#Stud: Sebastian Sauve Rings Our Bell and More Underwear Model Vine & Instagram Videos

Underwear models are just like you and me. They eat, laugh, participate in random shenanigans, and love to document all of those in 15 sec videos on Vine or Instagram. This week’s batch of Underwear Model Vine and Instagram videos took us around the world, inside of man’s best friend, and out to the club.

Check out the videos below and let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert if these Underwear Model Vine and Instagram videos have you laughing or yawning.

Sebastian Sauve has been jet-setting this past month. Last week he was in Singapore and this week he’s been enjoying his time in Bangkok. While there, he couldn’t help but ring some bells and pound some gongs. He’s a real Quasimodo. Well, minus the whole hunchback.

Parker Hurley has been doing some jet-setting of his own, but he stayed in the States. He recently visited Las Vegas and of course he had to make his way to the nearest chapel. But, when you’re obsessed with posting videos on Vine, what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay there.

Mondays could be a real drag. If you’re Colby Melvin, they are literally a drag queen named Vicky Vox. A third of the drag super trio DWV was serving it up at The Abbey, and Melvin was eating it up on Instagram.

Andrew Christian model Noah Wright knows his way around a cock. You know, roosters. He may be a tad bit overwhelmed by such a large coup.

It’s no hidden secret that Jamie Wise loves singing. Not only does he take copious amounts of guitar photos on Instagram, he also posts some of his work. We’re secretly hoping this isn’t the best he’s got.

Jake Hold loves his classic Disney films. So much so, he had a friend reenact a scene from the Lady and the Tramp. The spaghetti slurping went quite well.

Benjamin Godfre also got around to posting about his dog. But, in this clip, he’s the spaghetti.

From Garrett Neff, or the man that brought us such classics as that one time he made a moustache move across his face, comes he best attempt at a moonwalk.

And, now, some actual Michael Jackson moves posted by Saville Dorfman from the lovely NYC transit.

Finally, now that the summer is coming to a close, Matthew Terry is taken every opportunity to show us his extremely long longboard.

Video Credit: Vine, Instagram

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