Ask the Expert: Underwear Pouches for the “Average” Guy

Coley from Washington: I’m a guy of average “endowment,” who recently tried out a few pairs of underwear with fancy pouches, and I feel like I didn’t fill them out enough. One style was the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Brief, and while it was comfortable, I felt like there was just too much room in the pouch, so instead of feeling “almost naked,” I just felt loose and unsupported. Can you recommend any brands or styles with underwear pouches that are made for us guys who aren’t hung like porn stars?

The Underwear Expert: There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that most of the styles with fancy underwear pouches, whether they’re anatomically-shaped for room or angled for bulge boosting, are actually made for guys of average size. The bad news is that porn stars aren’t really as hung as they appear on screen, so sorry to burst that bubble.

The first line of advice is to make sure you’re wearing the right size. The sizing of some brands tends to be a bit off, falling slightly smaller or larger than the size we’re used to wearing, so if you’ve never worn an Andrew Christian style before, it’s a good idea to try a few sizes if you think it may be off.

The next thing is to check on the desired result. What is the fancy pouch supposed to do? Underwear pouches designed to enhance your profile are shaped, and therefore function, very differently than pouches designed for comfort, like the Andrew Christian Almost Naked collection. The purpose of this particular style isn’t necessarily to fill out the pouch, but rather to provide plenty of room for your package to gently hang, giving the illusion that you’re not wearing anything at all. On the other hand, a style from the Andrew Christian Show-It collection features a pouch that’s sewn in a way that you would fill out, and the purpose is to provide lift from beneath to create a bigger bulge.

One of the best parts of being of average size is you’re comfortable in pretty much anything, never having to worry about squishing or flopping around too much. Your best bet is to go with a style with a basic contour pouch that’s designed to support and lift, giving you long lasting comfort and a sexy profile. A contour pouch differs from traditional fly-front¬† underwear because it provides both room and structure for your package, rather than a flat front that could interfere with your natural shape.

The Calvin Klein Underwear X Micro Hip Brief is one of our favorites. It’s a low rise, lean cut brief made from stretchy microfiber that hugs your body for a sleek, defining fit. The pouch is sewn on the sides and up the center for a supportive, contoured look that keeps you trim and comfortable.

Mundo Unico makes a variety of briefs with the brand’s remarkable “suspensor pouch,” which features elastic trim around the sides and bottom that provides a slight enhancing lift and tons of support. The Unico Onix Brief is one of this season’s hottest, and bound to fit in with any guy’s personal style.

Diesel makes a huge variety of super fashionable undies, but the reason they look so great on (beyond the color) is the ergonomic pouch design. If you’re a trunks guy, the Diesel Fresh & Bright Tosh Low Rise Trunk is a perfect fit for you. The pouch is trimmed in elastic contrast trim for extra emphasis, and features a center seam for support and a naturally rounded shape.

Obviously is known for their anatomically-shaped pouch that angles downward, giving you plenty of room while separating your package from your body to prevent sticking and squishing. We especially love the Obviously Retro Low Rise Brief for its simple fit and stylish look.

Another full-coverage option for the trunks or boxer briefs-oriented guy is the N2N Cotton Boxster. It’s made from ultra light cotton that hugs your body, giving you a barely there feeling. The pouch is part of a paneled design in the front, and even though it’s not seamed down the center, it comfortably accommodates your package with front-and-center placement.

We hope this list of perfect-fit underwear pouches helps! If worse comes to worst, you can always go commando and enjoy the benefits of au naturale.

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Photo Credit: N2N