Our Student Discount

Higher education can be expensive. The perfect pair fit shouldn't have to be. A hardworking scholar shouldn't have to choose between the right boxer briefs and a five-subject binder. That is why our student discount offers you over 50 of the best underwear brands from around the world at a lower price. With all your favorite brands at a lower cost, you will feel like your top drawer is on scholarship. 

Back-to-school shopping should always include some new underwear. The right pair of underwear is one of the essential school supplies. Right up there with the TI calculator and the composition notebook. Sitting in classes all day is hard enough without having to adjust your underwear constantly. You can ensure you have the perfect fit to sit still and focus. Choose from your favorite brands like Addicted, PUMP, and C-IN2 to suit up for school with our student discount.

Student Discounts apply to everything!

This student discount doesn't only cover underwear; we can also help you accessorize for back-to-school so you can strut through the student union with confidence. We have all had that reoccurring nightmare where we show up to class in just our underwear. Our store carries so much more that it will never become a reality. Perhaps you need a cozy hoodie and a matching jogger to stay comfortable during a long lecture. We have you covered...literally! 

The best part of college is the parties. With our student discount, you can also get a lower price on harnesses for a matching party set. 

Whether you need a back-to-school brief, a trunk to turn up in for homecoming, or a jockstrap to embrace your inner jock, our student discount will set you up for success. Get all your back-to-school needs all year round. With your top drawer full of the best underwear on the market, you will surely be at the top of your class!