Underwear Choices Made Easy With The CheapUndies Days of the Week

CheapUndies Days of the Week

Today’s underwear market is so large and diverse, with various cuts, styles and brands to choose from. Help simplify your daily choices with the CheapUndies Days of the Week Collection. It’ll have you covered for every day — quite literally.

CheapUndies features a specific color for each day of the week in either a trunk or brief with the day labeled on the waistband. Mourn your Monday with the black Monday briefs or trunks. Shake and dance your way into the weekend with the Pink Friday styles. Each day will invite a new, fun and inviting opportunity to celebrate a new color! Each style is available individually on the website, but if you want to save some money, just get the Trunkday 7-Pack Bundle or the Briefday 7-Pack Bundle! This will make your underwear choices super easy since each day of the week will already be labeled! Any rebels out there? Wear the wrong pair on wrong day, just to throw your partner off! Wear your Sunday’s on Saturday and make your partner think they have to return to work a day early. Who knows, they may buy it! Who says love can’t be playful?

Both cuts in these CheapUndies Days of the Week Collection are made with a high-quality cotton blend. Each style features contoured pouches and have a waistband that sits low on your waist to show off a little skin and your finest assets. Each style is also designed with a white contrasting trim to complement the color of the garment and the weekday waistbands.

The CheapUndies Days of the Week Collection is available in sizes: S – XL.

Which of the CheapUndies Days of the Week colors do you like the best? Are you going to be a rebel and wear the wrong underwear for the wrong day of the week? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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