Best Of The PUMP! Photo Shoots


PUMP! is absolutely incredible at producing sexy, athletic-looking underwear in bright colors. But what really gets us pumped is their affinity for hot photo shoots. No matter the underwear look or style, PUMP! knows how to bring out a pair’s best qualities and every last drop of attitude. From their more classical underwear shoots to the wild and outlandish ones, we are always impressed with what PUMP! brings to the table.

This is our list of the best moments from PUMP! photo shoots. We narrowed it down to 10, but really, the list goes on and on.



The heat that emanates from this pic has nothing to do with the volcanic background. The models all look sexy in this shot, and the colors of their underwear look awesome against whatever hell is breaking loose behind them.



We love this shot for its composition. We get to see that iconic and instantly recognizable PUMP! waistband, but only when we look past the smoldering eyes of the stud laying on that chiseled abdomen. Talk about a great, subtle way to show off an underwear’s sexiness.



This shot is from the PUMP! Brightlife photo shoot. The entire thing was pretty urban-feeling, something we don’t see a lot of from PUMP! We loved this shot in particular, but this shoot also included sexy stills of a model splattered in blue paint and some bare butts. No complaints.



The PUMP! Graffiti photo shoot is still the most urban shoot from the brand. It features some of the brand’s brightest underwear looks against rugged and cold-colored backdrops. But this photo shoot goes on to mixed it up with red lights and revving motorcycles.



No, we didn’t just choose this one because of his perfect booty. Here we have a sporty, athletic jock on a bed. And this jock happens to be wearing a jock. When it comes to PUMP!, this is exactly what we love to see. A bold waistband, skin, and a bed.



This might be one of the most fun shots that PUMP!’s included in their shoots. This one in particular is from the PUMP! Tartan shoot. The other shots in this set aren’t nearly as futuristic, but still really hot. Basically, the rest is underwear models under a bridge.



These newer shots with the bright backgrounds are insanely attractive. This guy in particular is a total cutie. Whether he’s holding a skateboard or a big lollipop, we can’t help be let our jaws hang. And the bubbles are a cute touch, too.



This pic is so sexy, it is shocking. Sorry, we had to go there. The dark blue of the sky and ocean looks awesome against the blue of the underwear. The lightning adds a ton of attitude to this shot too. We think this still looks like the poster for the sexiest action flick of the summer. But this one lands high on the list simply for how good all those muscles look.



The PUMP! Splash-It campaign is, still, one of the best campaigns by PUMP! The lighting is on-point across the board, and not only is it colorful, but it makes the models ethereal in the sexiest ways imaginable. It looks like they’re under the black lights of a club. And we would definitely be dancing up on this guy.



Now this is what a PUMP! photo shoot is all about. We get to see a sexy, athletic man who looks like a jock. Sports equipment rests beside him on the bed. His arms are over his head making his chest look too good for words. And of course, there is that bold and bright pair of underwear by PUMP!

Are there any hot images by PUMP! that have been seared into your memory? Which of the shots we included is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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