Blake Jenner Underwear Workout and More TV Star Underwear Sightings

This week on the tube, small screen stars lept around in their gym shorts, laid down on J-Love’s massage table (natch), and looked ponderous next to their lady friends.

From high school songbirds to bedtime lovebirds, the boys were more demure than usual with their skivvy flaunting for the camera this week. But we love a challenge, especially when it involves searching hard for underwear sightings (obviously). So we bring you the week in TV Star Underwear Sightings, with no stone left unturned (so to speak).

First we have Glee Project winner Blake Jenner flexing his guns in the weight room with Glee co-star Jacob Artist. Blake’s white waistband peeks over his yellow shorts, while Jabob’s grey sweatpants… well, they speak for themselves.

Rob Mayes stripped down for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s magic touch showing just a peek of his waistband on The Client List (arguably the best show to happen to TV underwear sightings since, well, ever).

Adam Kaufman also reclined on J-Love’s massage table, where the sheet-for-underwear substitution is totally acceptable.

Wil Travel was sporting blue boxer shorts in bed on ABC’s now-cancelled Red Widow. At least we got one more underwear sighting from Wil before bidding the series adieu.

Joshua Sasse looked ponderous in his hoodie and gym shorts (counting ’em!) on the Audience Network’s police drama Rogue. We didn’t know what this show was either, but we do now!

Photo Credits: MaleCelebNews, Boxers-or-Briefs


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