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papi underwear Hispanic Heritage Euro Brief

Later this month, Americans will take the time to recognize the contributions of Latin Americans to the United States with parades and celebrations all over the country. For Papi underwear, Hispanic Heritage Month, which takes place September 15 to October 15, not only represents an opportunity to celebrate Hispanic heritage but also an occasion to reflect on the brand’s humble beginnings.

“Papi was started and is owned by a Cuban American family,” Alan Zelcer, president and COO of Papi, told The Underwear Expert. “Hispanic Heritage celebrates the Latin community in the United States that came here in search of a better life. We are a company that knows this idea first hand, and it is very important for us to celebrate Hispanic Heritage because of our roots.”

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage month, Papi underwear proudly unveils its Hispanic Heritage collection of colorful Euro briefs ($24), Brazilian trunks ($24) and muscle t-shirts ($28), which hit stores this week. The collection features the brand’s flair for fun, sexy and colorful design as well as a comfortable fit. Made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex, the Papi underwear Hispanic Heritage collection features a quick drying fabric and a special finishing treatment that not only makes the material breathable and moisture wicking but also softer against the skin.


The bright color palette for the Papi underwear Hispanic Heritage collection was inspired by the fusion of flags from different Latin American countries. The collection includes colors from Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. In addition to bright colors and an ultra smooth fabric, the papi underwear Hispanic Heritage collection features a contour pouch that is appropriately shaped to give you extra room and support. “The way that the garment is cut, it gives extra contour to the male figure and added comfort,” Lucio De Carvalho, vice president of design for Papi underwear, told The Underwear Expert.

From the sun-bleached shores of Miami Beach, Florida, Papi underwear achieves a vivid, athletic-influenced look for the collection from a unique source of inspiration. “Soccer is the most popular sport in the Latin community and because of this we modeled the garments after it,” said De Carvalho. “The collection is inspired by soccer uniforms, and we choose to use the number 10 because it is a very positive number. The line represents the passion of sports and specifically soccer for the Latin American community.”

Will you be celebrating Hispanic Heritage this month with Papi underwear?

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