Pretty In Pink: Fall’s Best Pink Underwear

While pink arguably may not be seen as the most masculine of colors, we at The Underwear Expert would like to change that mind-set. Whether it’s more of a “salmon” you’re into, or if a bold fuchsia is more your speed, this color and trend are here to stay, so we have selected fall’s best pink underwear to incorporate one of our […]

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Monthly Thrill-Seeking/Risqué Roundup: August ​​2015

Summer can truly bring out the thrill-seeker in all of us. So, it was no surprise when August brought out some of the most risqué, thrill-seeking underwear we’ve seen all year. The Monthly Thrill-Seeking/Risqué Roundup featured leather, lace, mesh, and even a harness. The month of August gave plenty to play with for all of […]

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More About Clever

Established in 2004, Clever Moda is a Colombian-based men’s underwear brand, which infuses a South American style into its collections. From sexy designs to sophisticated looks, Clever Moda Underwear provides a vast array of styles to meet the fashion consciousness of the modern man. Clever Underwear for men showcases an extensive scale of silhouettes decked out in bright colors and eye-catching prints.

The designers of Mens Clever Underwear are constantly researching new fashion trends to ensure their collections meet the high standards of fashion conscious consumers. Clever Moda Underwear is well known for its display of fun patterns and prints, such as polka dots or zebra prints, for those who want a hot blooded style for their underwear.

Mens Clever Underwear uses a vast range of fabrics, including stretch cotton, sheer mesh and sleek microfiber. From cotton to polyester to nylon, the fabrics utilized by Clever Moda achieve an ideal fit that conforms perfectly to the body. Clever Moda offers a modern and sensual touch to the garment.