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More About BVD

Founded in 1876, BVD is one of the oldest men’s underwear brands in the United States and is internationally known for offering classic styles and premium comfort. The brand’s namesake stands for Bradley, Voorhees & Day—the New York City-based firm that initially manufactured underwear of this name. BVD became famous for their men’s union suits made of heavy knitted fabric.

In the early 1900s, BVD introduced several new innovative styles of men’s underwear, including the one-piece union suit. The brand used a lightweight waffle-like fabric for its men’s underwear collection with the advertising slogan, “Next to Myself I Like BVD Best.” The brand further reached its height of popularity when Olympic swimmer Johnny Weissmuller, who went on to become the most famous Tarzan in motion pictures, was hired as a model and representative in 1929.

Today, BVD offers a range of items that include:

  • BVD Boxer Briefs
  • BVD Briefs
  • BVD Boxers
  • BVD T Shirts
  • BVD Undershirts
  • BVD Thermal Underwear
  • BVD Long Underwear
  • BVD Tank Tops

The brand utilizes soft cotton fabrics for a form-fitting, classic fit. Presenting an old-fashioned look, BVD presents classic colors such as red, blue, white and black. BVD is offered in a variety of multipacks giving consumers more options at affordable prices.

BVD is currently owned by Fruit of the Loom, which brought the brand to a worldwide market since 1976. Prior to that, BVD was known for being the first underwear brand to start packaging skivvies in plastic bags for the mass market. In the 1960s and 1970s, the company started introducing a pocket T-shirt and fashionable underwear made of nylon.