Eddie Granger Takes Manhattan

by Timothy Wyzick

Taking New York City by storm, Eddie Granger is a Southern boy at heart and an aspiring model and artist.

Eddie has been making a splash in the NYC art scene for his bold and graphic art pieces. His artistic style incorporates crayons, recylced materials and drawings. Betsy Johnson and the founders of Fab.com are just a few of his biggest fans and supporters. In this photo shoot by Wadley Wadley, Eddie rocks the latest swimwear from Mr. Turk, shot with the NYC skyline in the distance.

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For more information on the brand: Mr. Turk

Photo Credit: Wadley Wadley



  1. The trinaturk .com site does not have any of these. Where does one get them from?

  2. nice nips, nice body.

  3. The blue stripes or the black and white ones are the best. They are all nice though. Especially when Eddy is in them.

  4. I agree the blue stripes are hot, so is the pink, but alas no longer available on-line.

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