Hottest Celebrity Beach Bodies of the Summer

Celebrities, they’re just like us! When summer rolls around they hit the beach and luckily for us the paparazzi are never to far behind which means we are allowed to get a glimpse at some of the hottest celebrity beach bodies on the planet.

There are some celebrities like David Beckham and Hugh Jackman that we expect to sport exceptional beach bodies year after year, then there are others like Justin Theroux.. who knew he had a six pack? We certainly didn’t but we’re glad we do now! When we see all these guys just hanging out and relaxing on the beach, they make it look like it’s easy to attain their sexy celebrity beach bods. That’s why it’s always good to remember that the truth behind their muscle and tone might have something to do with their personal trainers, private chefs, dedication and hard work.

The incentive to look good for their latest roles probably doesn’t hurt either. There’s a reason audiences flock to see Hugh Jackman in Wolverine and they would probably be deeply disappointed if he didn’t come correct with bulging muscles, ripped abs, and perfect glutes. Then there’s Channing Tatum, would he even be Channing Tatum if it weren’t for his crazy sexy body? The movie Magic Mike was based on his life before stardom as a male stripper.

No matter the reason behind a hot celebrity beach body we’re just happy to ogle at them from afar.

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