TGIF! 10 Twins in Underwear

We can’t think of a better way to double your pleasure and double your fun than with male model twins in their underwear. There’s something about seeing two perfectly formed beings modeling our favorite item of clothing—sometimes even in matching pairs!—that brings us a real sense of harmony. Or maybe it’s symmetry.

In any case, they’re really fun to look at. It’s kind of like hitting your head and seeing double, except without all the inconvenient hassle of actually banging your head. Although we can’t guarantee the following photos won’t cause dizziness.

From all American guys to Brazilian boys and Russian heartbreakers, these model twins hail from all over the globe, having reached international success by way of their stunning (and matching) looks. With twins there’s obviously no question that looks run in the family, and having worked their way up as models side by side, these boys have something of a leg up on their stag competition. If only because there’s simply more of them to go around.

Check out 10 of ur favorite male model twins in their underwear, and let us know how you like seeing double!

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Photo Credits: Rick Day, Joseph Sinclair, Michael A. Downs, Damon Barker, Abercrombie & Fitch, Francesco Scontrini, Justin Taylor, Simon, Papi, Cristiano Madureira, Kevin Slack, Greg Vaughan.

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