Style Round-Up: Gay Days


Mickey Mouse at Gay Days

Everyone knows that June is Pride Month. But how many of you know what happens on the first weekend of June every year? Gay Days!

Don’t know Gay Days? Well, it started in the 90s as the one Saturday a year where LGBT friends and neighbors agreed to attend Disney’s Magical Kingdom dressed in a uniform color (red) to meet, mingle and show their pride. Fast-forward 20+ years and you have a week long series of pride related events including expos, pool parties, amusement parks, comedy shows and everything in between.

This year The Underwear Expert was on the scene, and we figured why not take some time to get to know some of the guys down by the pool, including their taste in underwear and swimwear. What we found is that every guy who straps on a skimpy swimsuit for these parties not only wants to look good, but stand out. Being caught at the party with someone splashing around in the same suit as you is the Gay Days equivalent of being caught on the red carpet in a duplicate dress. Gasp!

We also noticed several swimwear trends based on what the boys were wearing down by the pool. From what we can tell, pink appears to be the new black. Pink swimsuits (or suits with splashes of pink) seemed to be everywhere. In all shapes and sizes, too. We also noted a lot of Andrew Christian on the scene this year. Lastly, as expected, almost everyone in attendance was wearing complimentary shades to their suits. You’re really not prepared for a Gay Days pool party unless you’re wearing a pair of dark shades over your eyes, our friends. Not only do they keep out the sun, but they’re one of the few acceptable accessories when the dress code is so minimal.

Check out the gallery below to see what a Gay Days pool party has in store as well as various other pictures from one of the most magical weekends on Earth.

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Photo Credit: John McCourt for The Underwear Expert