Scrufftastic: 12 Bearded Guys in Underwear

There’s something about the combination of scruff and skivvies that makes bearded guys in underwear so enticing. We imagine it’s kind of like umami for the taste buds, except, you know, with hairy dudes in their underwear.

We’ve noticed more and more models with facial hair (of varying degrees of thickness and severity) making a significant mark on the industry, and in underwear modeling in particular (our personal favorite niche). From five o’clock shadows to five inches off the face, beards of all sorts have been cropping up on mugs of all walks.

Just because they’re not clean shaven, doesn’t mean bearded guys forsake facial grooming, In fact, keeping the hair up there trimmed and tame (even in the thickest of formations) is key to pulling it off, especially in model photos.

Check out some of our favorite bearded models in underwear and let us know where you stand on the subject of hairy chins!

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Photo Credits: Dimitris Theocharis, David Wagner, Leonardo Corredor, Gil Menezes, BoundJocks, Jack Adams, Fernando Barrazo, Vitaly Shiryaev, Thomas Synnamon, MatthewJAPayne, Edwin Pabon, Felipe Piolotto, Darren Black.

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