6 Must See Guys in Sheer Underwear

Men who don’t frequently read The Underwear Expert often share a common misconception. They believe that sheer underwear is effeminate and unfit for strong, masculine men. We, of course, know better. Next time someone second guesses your sheer undies decisions, show them this gallery of the top 6 sheer underwear photos. These pics are packed with great underwear on masculine models. Have a look at the photos below, and let us know if sheer has a place in your drawer.

Clever Moda Prague

The below photo from the Clever Moda Prague campaign shows that sheer can be light and playful, but also cool. You could wear these almost anywhere.

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Italo Gaspars’s Athletic, Young Men

Similarly, sheer works for youthful, athletic men. If you can back the cockiness up, sheer might be the best underwear choice.

McKillop Elevate

Sheer doesn’t have to mean frills and ornaments. McKillop shows us that sheer underwear can be grungy.

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Rufskin Chic Sheer

Rufskin has been making underwear and swimwear for masculine men for a while. When Rufskin went sheer, we knew it wasn’t going to be a weak effort.

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Timoteo Luxury Mesh

Luxurious, flattering and for real men: this is the sheer underwear we’ve come to know and love. Timoteo’s Luxury Mesh line is a prime example.

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Clever Moda Prague Brief, $21.60, available at Freshpair.com

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For more information about these brands: Clever Moda, McKillop, Rufskin, Timoteo

Photo Credit: Clever Moda, Italo Gaspar, Joseph Smileuske, McKillop, Rufskin, Timoteo, Gregg Homme

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