Mike Stalker Primps

Mike Stalker Interview Image

Mike Stalker is a big-armed, dark-haired model who isn’t afraid to show a bit of vanity. The model, who will be appearing in an upcoming C-in2 campaign, reclines on a twin bed with a guitar to his left, holding his intense gaze on Day’s lens. Rick Day has already had a big start to the year including his Colby Melvin series, shot exclusively for The Underwear Expert, and his collaboration with Daniel Garofali.

Have a look at Mike Stalker in the series below, then let us know what you think of the photos in the comments.

Mike Stalker 5

Mike Stalker 4

Mike Stalker 2

Mike Stalker 3

Mike Stalker 1

For more information about this brand: C-IN2

Photo Credit: Rick Day

2 thoughts on “Mike Stalker Primps

  1. Jonothon says:

    Can’t find two of these items anywhere on the C-IN2 website or other retailers – the maroon shorts and the ripped white short. Want both.

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