Colby Melvin: Modern Day Adonis?

Colby Melvin photos image

Fresh off the press, and exclusively for The Underwear Expert, we’ve got some Colby Melvin photos from photographer Antonio Pulgarin. In this series of Colby Melvin photos, Pulgarin aims to highlight beauty and strength, the qualities of Adonis. You’ll see both in these photos, but the journey of this series also unveils a more vulnerable side of this Adonis. In modern times, the Greek god’s name is applied to young, handsome youths that possess a standard of superior beauty and strength, and you best believe he found it in Colby Melvin! “Colby Melvin, to me, embodies the modern day Adonis but his beauty is reminiscent of the classical Greek Adonis as well,” says Pulgarin. With this series, Pulgarin doesn’t just highlight Colby’s classic good looks. What Pulgarin is seemingly asking is: what lies beneath?

Regardless of your interpretation of this exclusive series, the photos are amazing. Check them out.

Photo Credit: Antonio Pulgarin Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

3 thoughts on “Colby Melvin: Modern Day Adonis?


    this guy colby melvin, is so ADORABLE!!! i can t stop looking at him, soooo SEXY!!! i even have him on my desk top monitor!!!!!!!

    I would really LOVE to see more of COLBY MELVIN!!!

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